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Gurgaon is one of Delhi's four major satellite cities and is therefore considered to be a part of the National Capital Region of India. Over the past few years the Gurgaon city has grown tremendously as an outsourcing destination within India and has also witnessed a big real estate boom. Gurgaon has also become the poshest area of Delhi with numerous villas and condominiums and many malls with multinational brands. Gurgaon will be easier for you to reach Gurgaon via its adjacent states including Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

Today, the Gurgaon city needs no introduction. Gurgaon is the best city to live and work in India today. The tremendous industrial growth and development, availability of sophisticated infrastructure, world class housing and commercial real estate facilities, efficient and quick means of transport have put the mega city on international map. The extravagant malls, smooth roads, and huge open spaces and green belt cover also make the megacity an excellent place to live.

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